We invite behavioral health providers to assess their individual and organization’s well-being and engage in continuous quality improvement. 

What is Provider Well-being?

Personal well-being is a state of feeling satisfied, fulfilled, and having a sense of meaning or purpose.

Organization well-being is an organization’s ability to promote and maintain the physical, psychological, and social health for all employees.

The Process

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    My Wellbeing​

    Individual behavioral health providers: Engage in a 10-session course to improve your personal well-being! The course is full of mini-measures and skills to improve your physical, organizational, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

    My Organization

    Behavioral health provider organizations: Assess and improve organizational well-being! Organization team members may assess their organization’s performance in promoting and maintaining the physical, psychological, and social health for all employees using the Organizational Well-Being Inventory (OWBI). Free, customized reports offer organizations an analysis of their strengths and areas for improvement.